Fruit & Vegetable 4-Gallon Pail Bundle

30 Day Emergency Food Pail with 4-Gallon Fruit & Vegetable Pails

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Being prepared with a 30 Day Emergency Food Pail is a great solution for your emergency preparedness plan. Add fruits and vegetables and you have even more flavor, more nutrition, more snacks and more variety that the whole family will love. This emergency food supply pail combination brings it all together with our 4 gallon Fruit Pail, our 4 gallon Vegetable Pail and our 30 Day Emergency Food Pail.

4 Gallon Fruit and Vegetable Pails

Freeze dried food is the hidden gem of the cooking world. The vegetable and fruit variety pack guarantees you’ll never have to worry about forgetting an essential ingredient for your favorite recipes. The fact that the has ample vitamins and antioxidants is simply an added bonus. So whether you’re in an emergency situation, cooking an everyday meal or looking for a quick snack, these pouches of individually packaged freeze dried fruits and vegetables makes meal and snack time a little less complicated.

  • 6 fruit varieties plus bonus Apple Delight Drink Mix
  • 6 freeze dried vegetable varieties plus bonus dehydrated chopped onions
  • No washing, peeling, chopping or slicing
  • Enjoy them right out of the package for a healthy, on-the-go snack
  • Add fruits to smoothies, cereals, desserts, salads and more
  • Enjoy vegetables in casseroles, soups, stews or serve as a side dish with your favorite entree
  • Perfect for long term food storage, emergency preparedness and survival food
  • Packaged in individual pouches
  • Shelf life up to 20 years*

Nutrition Facts and Ingredient

Fruit Pail Includes                                                                                                                               Qty               Servings

Freeze Dried Apple Dices 1
Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries 1 20
Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries 1 20
Freeze Dried Whole Blueberries 1 22
Banana Chips 1 8
Spiff-E-Whip Dessert Topping 1 113
Total Varieties: 6
Total Quantity: 5 pouches, 1 can
Total Servings: 199
Total Calories: 5,915
Pail Size: 4 gallon pail with handle
Pail Weight: 2 lbs 12.66 oz (1.27 kg)
Shelf Life: Up to 20 years*

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Vegetable Pail Includes Qty Servings
Freeze Dried Diced Potatoes 1 15
Freeze Dried Sweet Corn 1 20
Freeze Dried Green Beans 1 20
Freeze Dried Broccoli Florets and Stems 1 15
Dehydrated Chopped Onions 1 24
Freeze Dried Peas 1 15
Total Varieties: 6
Total Quantity: 6 pouches
Total Servings: 109
Total Calories: 2,665
Pail Size: 4 gallon pail with handle
Pail Weight: 1 lb 10.1 oz (0.74 kg)
Shelf Life: Up to 20 years*

30 Day Emergency Food Supply Pail

Augason Farms 30-Day survival kits ensure good nutrition during challenging emergencies. This survival food kit provides high quality, delicious entrees enough for one person for thirty days, or a family of four for one week. This food survival kit comes in a watertight, easily transportable 7 gallon pail perfect for storing at home or office or in your vehicle for unexpected catastrophes.

  • 307 servings of food carefully selected to nourish 1 person for 30 days
  • Nutritionally balanced with entrées, soups, breakfast, dry powdered milk and fruit snack
  • Averages 1,822 calories per day
  • 7 gallon watertight pail is easy to transport
  • Great for home, cabin, motorhome, office or student dorm room
  • Easy to prepare, ready in minutes
  • Shelf life of up to 30 years*

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Each 30 Day Emergency Pail Includes Qty Servings
Cheesy Broccoli 5 8 per pouch
Creamy Chicken Rice (Chicken Flavored) 6 8 per pouch
Creamy Potato Soup 6 8 per pouch
Elbow Macaroni 2 7.5 per pouch
Cheese Powder 1 15 per pouch
Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup (Chicken Flavored) 4 8 per pouch
Instant Potatoes 1 8 per pouch
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal 6 10 per pouch
Morning Moo’s® Low Fat Milk Alternative 2 20 per pouch
Banana Chips 2 8 per pouch
BONUS: 30 Day and 45 Day Meal Planners
Total Quantity: 35 pouches
Total Servings: 307
Total Calories: 54,670
Container Size: 8.5 gallon pail with handle
Net Weight: 29 lbs 4.37 oz (13.47 kg)
Shelf Life: Up to 20 years*

*Shelf life of ranges from 10 to 20 years based on food type. Unopened products included in kit retain their shelf life after kit container is opened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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