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Augason Farms has been in food production business since 1972 and has the experience needed to produce emergency food supply kits that meet the needs of Americans looking to be more prepared.  An Augason Farms 3-month emergency food supply is specifically designed to handle any catastrophic natural disaster or longer-term economic crisis that you may be faced today or in the future. When considering a longer duration emergency food supply, calories and protein become even more important. The FDA recommends at a minimum at least 2,000 calories and 50g of protein per day for survival or emergency situations. Select Augason Farms food supply kits meet those FDA requirements using locally sourced freeze-dried meats, 100% real dairy, and delicious pre-made entrees that just required and simmering to prepare. Since you don't know when the next emergency event will happen, shelf life matters in food storage and Augason Farms has an industry leading shelf life of up to 25 years on select products.