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Brand: Augason Farms
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Weather related emergencies and natural disasters can trigger a number of secondary emergencies in your home: your natural gas might be leaking causing a fire hazard; your water pipes might be broken and flooding your basement; your doors might be jammed shut; or, your windows might be the only escape route. Now what?

This 4-in-1 Emergency Tool is the tool you absolutely need to have in your home to shut off gas and water lines. It’s what you need to pry open doors, break through glass, and even dig through debris. And, you need to worry about it being an additional fire hazard because its aluminum construction will not cause sparks.

Hang one on a nail next to your water valve, hang one next to your gas valve, and place extra’s in various places throughout your home.

  • Shuts off gas valves
  • Shuts of water meters
  • Pries open doors and breaks glass
  • Strong enough to dig through debris safely and effectively
  • Made of heat treated alloy that won't spark or rust
  • Patented design
  • Made in the USA

Dimensions: 7.5”W x 15.5”H x 1”D

Weight: 1 lb

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