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Fruit Variety Bundle

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Enjoy all the delicious flavor of your favorite fruits without the limited shelf-life! The Augason Farms Fruit Variety Bundle is a convenient and affordable way to keep tasty and nutritious fruits on hand, both for everyday snacking as well as emergency food storage. Snack on these vitamin and antioxidant-rich fruits right out of the can, or rehydrate to use in any of your favorite recipes that call for fresh or canned fruit.

  • Most fruits are certified gluten free
  • No washing, peeling or slicing
  • Enjoy out of the package for a healthy, on-the-go snack
  • Add to smoothies, cereals, desserts, salads and more
  • Makes delicious jams and dessert toppings
  • Perfect for long term food storage, emergency preparedness and survival food
  • Packaged in individual pouches
  • Shelf life up to 30 years*

Dehydrated Apple Slices – Certified Gluten Free

When you taste our dehydrated apple slices, you’ll taste the perfect tartness of a fresh-picked apple. The flavor of this free freeze dried food carries through when added to your favorite recipes like oatmeal or apple crisp. It’s also perfect for every day enjoyment and requires no slicing, peeling, or washing.

Freeze Dried Diced Mango – Certified Gluten Free

If you love the flavor of mangos but don’t love the hassle of peeling, coring, and cutting this sweet fruit, Augason Farms Freeze Dried Diced Mango is a great alternative! The light, crisp freeze dried texture gives a satisfying crunch and makes for a great addition to trail mixes or eaten as-is as a healthy snack. Use our gluten-free mango in any recipe that calls for fresh mangos, including desserts and cakes, jams, yogurt, and more.

Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries – Certified Gluten Free

Augason Farms Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries are full of flavor, antioxidants and vitamin C. These raspberries have a fresh, perfectly tart taste great for snacks or use in your emergency food supply. You can add this freeze dried fruit to your favorite breakfast meals or add them to desserts like raspberry white chocolate cookies or raspberry dusted fudge.

Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries – Certified Gluten Free

Freeze dried foods are not just for camping or to be used as part of your emergency food storage or 72 hour kit. These Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries from Augason Farms are packed with vitamin C and can be enjoyed daily as a snack or even on cold cereal. You can also reconstitute them with a little water and use them in your strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshakes or to top off your strawberry torte.

Banana Chips

You can count on Augason Farms Banana Chips for quality, flavor, and energy. Add them to your trail mix, enjoy them on your yogurt or add them to your oatmeal. You’ll also find they make a great addition to your emergency food supply or 72 hour kit.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Includes Qty Servings
Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries 2 22
Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries 1 18
Freeze Dried Diced Mango 1 15
Dehydrated Apple Slices 1 32
Banana Chips 1 32
Total Quantity: 6
Total Servings: 131
Total Calories: 15,040
Container Size: No. 10 cans with lids
Shelf Life: Up to 30 years*

*Shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years when unopened based on individual products. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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