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Low Stretch Utility Cord - 100 Feet

Brand: Augason Farms
Product Code: 5-08018
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Use it for shelter, snares, hammocks, cargo straps, bows, and much more. Whatever you do with the Utility Cord, you’ll be glad you made it an essential component of your emergency kit. Constructed from high-quality braided nylon, it offers a strong and durable tether to help you out in any tight spot. And, not only is it lightweight, it’s designed with an extremely low stretch for complete stability.

  • Critical component of any survival kit
  • Break strength up to 500 pounds
  • Nylon core construction with polyester coating
  • Low stretch for stability
  • Great for camping, hiking and surviving the cold outdoors

Dimensions: 5' x 7'

Weight: 11.29 oz

Length: 100 feet

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